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The Hub

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Welcome to The Hub, the center of community interaction for University of Idaho. U of I residents, faculty, and staff are all welcome to dine, socialize and explore our dining options. Remodeled and renamed in 2017, The Hub is carrying on dining traditions while forging new ground at the same time.

The Hub will close for Fall Break, Winter Break and Spring Break. It closes the Friday before breaks after lunch, and re-opens for dinner the Sunday before students return to regular classes at the University of Idaho. This academic school year, the dates are as follows: 

Fall Break:

                Friday November 17: Closing at 1:30 pm

                Saturday November 17-Saturday November 25: CLOSED

                Sunday November 26: Opening for DINNER ONLY at 4:30 pm

Winter Break: 

                Friday December 15: Closing at 1:30 pm

                Saturday December 16-Saturday January 6: CLOSED

                Sunday January 7: Opening for DINNER ONLY at 4:30 pm

Spring Break: 

                Friday March 9: Closing at 1:30 pm

                Saturday March 10-Saturday March 17: CLOSED

                Sunday March 18: Opening for DINNER ONLY at 4:30 pm

Each restaurant-style station within The Hub is designed to provide a complete meal, or you can mix and match items from each station. Menus at each station change for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as on a daily basis throughout the semester. 

Faculty or Staff?  Live off campus?  Live in a Greek house or one of the LLCs?  Even if you're not an on-campus resident, the best way to take advantage of campus dining is with a meal plan.  Community Meal Plans are now available for faculty, staff, and any student not required to have one.  Community Meal Plans can be purchased online any time at 

Even without a meal plan you can join us at The Hub! We accept cash, credit/debit cards, and Dining Dollars.

*sales tax will be added for customers without a valid Vandal Card.

On the Menu

Hours of Operation

Week of: 05/21/2018 - 05/27/2018

Summer Hours - May/June

Monday - Sunday: Closed

Soup, Salad & Sizzle

Find your favorite combination, soups and salads, all in one convenient station.  Located in the center of the dining hall, this station features two different types of hot soup daily, from stews, chowders and chili. Typical soups offered include vegetarian minestrone, clam chowder, and roast turkey and rice soup. Each side of this U-shaped station offers a full salad bar, which includes a variety of fresh mixed greens, vegetables, beans, legumes, prepared salads, croutons, dressings, and other toppings. Fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, and granola are also available. Freshly baked breads and rolls are always offered, including multi-grain options.


Offering deep dish and thin crust pizza and so much more! Our pies are made hot and fresh with your favorite toppings and served alongside breadsticks and specialty cassarette dishes, including penne pasta bakes and gourmet macaroni and cheese. 

360⁰ Grill

Fresh vegetables are stir fried on our circular Mongolian grill as you watch. Enjoy a variety of Asian cuisine, from Kung Pao chicken to General Tso’s tofu stir Fry. Vegetables are lightly stir fried and served alongside an authentically prepared main entrées with a side of rice or noodles. A full array of sauces is available to create a customized dish. 


Classic hamburgers, cheese burgers, and French fries are offered alongside a variety of sandwiches and burgers, hot off the grill. Specialty options, such as grilled cheese, cheese quesadillas, gyros, and turkey burgers are offered on a rotating menu.  Choose from a variety of condiments and toppings. 


Fresh sandwiches, sub sandwiches, and paninis are made to order at our full-service deli. Choose between a variety of breads, including whole-wheat, white, fresh-baked subs, specialty breads, tortilla wraps, and gluten-free bread. You will find a variety of protein toppings, including: deli meat, cheese, tuna salad, egg salad, hummus, and peanut butter. An array of fresh vegetables and sauces are offered as toppings. Enjoy your sandwich toasted or grilled and with a side of potato chips. Some specialty sandwiches include: turkey hummus sub sandwich, grilled Italian vegetable wrap, and a chicken pita sandwich. 

Cereal and Waffle Bar

A selection of cereals is available all-day. Whole-wheat and white bread is available for toast options, as well as a selection of whipped butter, jam, strawberry topping, syrup, and whipped cream. With two waffle irons available all day, you can enjoy a hot and fluffy waffle at any meal. 

Simple Servings

Simple Servings, an award-winning wellness concept, features delicious and homemade meals that are prepared without 7 of the 8 FDA most common food allergens. These include: milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish.  Additionally, all items served at this station are gluten-free.  One of our most popular stations, students who prefer simply prepared and healthier dishes can enjoy a variety of dishes.Expect to find a main entrée of chicken, turkey, pork, beef or beans served with the option of a hot vegetable dish and a starchy side dish. Entrees at this station include: pulled BBQ chicken with vegetarian baked beans and steamed corn, rotisserie chicken served with baked red potatoes and roasted carrots, and roasted pork loin with butternut squash and jasmine rice. A served salad bar is available, offering fresh fruit and vegetables on request. Located as part of this station, the My Zone fridge provides gluten-free and allergen-friendly options, from gluten-free pizza crusts to Udi’s muffins. A dedicated allergen-free microwave and toaster are included as part of this station for added convenience.


Simple Servings  

Vegan and Vegetarian

For those seeking plant-based protein options that are both delicious and nutritious, this station delivers. A hot vegetarian dish is prepared at lunch and dinner with accompaniments. Menu items can include: lentil stew, Mexican vegetable quesadillas, quinoa primavera, and curried tofu with rice. A bar featuring cold salads and hummus with pitas is also conveniently available to the left of the station. 

Desserts & Ice Cream

Offering a large selection of desserts, including homemade pies, cakes, cookies, pudding, and Jell-O. An ice cream cooler offers eight different flavors of hand-dipped ice cream and sorbet, with your choice of cup or cone. 


Enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverage with your meal, found at one of our three conveniently located stations in Bob’s Place. We serve a wide variety of flavored and unflavored waters, juices, sodas, regular and chocolate milk, along with sustainably-sourced coffee, herbal tea, and hot chocolate. For those needing dairy-alternatives, we have a Silk machine offering regular and chocolate soy milk all day long. 

Try out the Nutrition Calculator by opening Campus Dining Hall Menu, selecting the items you plan to eat then press view selected items report. These menus are subject to change at any time, menu items may not reflect these changes.

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