Mission Statement

Vandals Dining is aligned with the University of Idaho's Sustainable Campus Strategic Action Plan to incorporate sustainable practices into all programs, reduce our ecological footprint and foster a culture of environmental consciousness. Vandals Dining(s) Better Tomorrow 2025 Plan focuses on climate action, waste minimalization, resource stewardship and sustainability education. 

Local Suppliers

Vandals Dining is proud to support the local community by choosing food sources within the region, reducing miles needed for transport and carbon impact due to shipping. Some of our local sources include Soil Stewards, Shepard's Grain flour, Vandal Brand Meats, Litehouse Dressing (based in Sandpoint, Idaho), Kiska Farms, Borton Fruit, Clear Springs Foods trout, and Meadow Gold milk.

We also are continuing and expanding our Local Inland Northwest Co-operative (LINC) partnership. We serve fresh produce purchased from LINC in our dining hall, as ingredients in our catered meals, and anywhere we can. LOCAL ICON_SUSTINABILITY PAGE


The resident dining hall at University of Idaho has been trayless since fall of 2010. By removing trays, we are able to save 56,000 gallons of water per year to help preserve the Palouse Basin aquifer. In addition to saving water, going trayless also saves energy and detergent, while significantly reducing food waste.